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Welcome. Rejuvenate your tattoos instantly.

Rejuve Ink is an all natural tattoo balm. Revive + Rejuvenate older tattoos or accelerate healing + soothe newer ink. This protective vegan friendly tattoo balm is perfect for your tattoo aftercare, containing restorative and healing properties. Unlike most tattoo balms, our balm contains no petroleum jelly which can irritate the skin and clog pores. 

Brightens & Moisturizes

Rejuve Ink Tattoo Balm



Invisible formula applies clear with no oily or greasy feeling, imparting a satin glow to skin.

All products are handmade fresh and with minimal preservatives. Due to this, the nature of all items are perishable and we recommend using products within 5-7 months after purchasing.

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RI Logo Tee

Now Available for a limited time. Rejuve Ink Logo Tee comes in a variety of colors (white, black and heather grey)

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