What skin tones does Rejuve Ink work on?

Rejuve Ink works on all skin tones.

Does Rejuve Ink work on sensitive skin? 

Yes! Those with sensitive skin will find our lightweight, non-greasy and non-toxic formulas to be kind to their skin. There are no ingredients in our products to trigger an irritation or sensitivity to the skin. We're proud to use the highest quality mix of plant based, brightening and antioxidant ingredients specifically chosen and tested to help protect, preserve and improve the vibrancy of your tattoos.

What kind of results will Rejuve Ink produce?

You will see results right away. There will be no ink discoloration, a more vibrant and protected tattoo, and your skin will be toned for stronger color. Additionally, Rejuve Ink will minimize irritation during the healing phase after a new tattoo.

Can I apply Rejuve Ink immediately after a tattoo session?

Yes, the natural ingredients are safe to use during the healing process but consult with tattoo artist prior to use.

What makes Rejuve Ink effective?

Natural and Organic ingredients like Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and Candelilla Wax nourishes & moisturize your skin. In addition you will have less irritation during the healing process of a new tattoo. 

How is Rejuve Ink different from other Tattoo Balms?

Rejuve Ink uses natural, organic, non-toxic ingredients which are safe for the skin. There is no petroleum in our product.

Does Rejuve Ink work on old and newly healed tattoos?

Rejuve Ink rejuvenates and brightens old tattoos. If you have a newly healed tattoo, it will look new!