Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

The healing process can vary depending on size & detail of tattoo. We recommend not to partake into any physical activity that will require excessive sweating and avoid swimming for the first week. 


Week 1

Always ask tattoo artist when you should remove bandage. There are several different types of bandages that differ. 

After bandage is removed your tattoo will be likely swollen and sensitive to touch. 

With clean hands only wash the tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap (fragrance-free). Do not re-bandage tattoo. This will allow tattoo to breathe & heal properly 

The swelling should have subsided but area may still be sensitive to touch. 

With clean hands only continue to wash tattoo once or twice a day before applying Rejuve Ink Tattoo Balm.

Week 2

Itchy & Scratchy phase. DO NOT SCRATCH Tattoo area at any time. In this phase the tattoo will look flakey but DO NOT pick or remove scabs prematurely only allow them to fall of naturally. 

Apply Rejuve Ink Tattoo Balm several times a day to relieve any itch or irritation. 

Consult doctor if tattoo area is still swollen and redness hasn’t subsided. 

Weeks 3 & 4

The last phase! The tattoo area may appear extremely dry and scaled looking. This is normal just keep using Rejuve Ink Tattoo Balm to nourish and hydrate the skin tattoo area. 

Around the third or fourth week the tattoo should have been peeled but it may take months after for it to completely heal. Apply Rejuve Ink Tattoo Balm as needed watch how beautiful and bright the end result will be.